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Love carbs but also want a summer beach body? Would you like to achieve your goal without compromising too much?. Research shows that refined carbs can increase your risk of overeating, and hence, make you more vulnerable to obesity. Since carbs are low in fiber, they get digested quickly. Moreover, too many carbs can also cause irregular blood sugar levels, affecting your mood. Our Calorie and Carb Blocker can ease all your worries so that you do not have to give up on carbs fully. Notice the results with just one use and make your life stress-free by not worrying about any more hidden sugars or starches in your food. Guilty pleasures no longer need to be guilty! † The best thing about Calorie and Carb Blocker? It is non-GMO, keto-friendly, soy-free, vegan, and has no artificial flavors.

How to Use

How to Use Calorie and Carb Blocker

Take a tablet 30-minutes before eating moderate carb meals. In case of heavier carb consumption, take two tablets. However, make sure not to exceed two tablets a day. Alongside the pill, drink at least eight glasses of water daily. To attain optimal results, combine BodEffects Carb and Calorie Blocker with a healthy diet that does not always include carbs.

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