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Wondering what BHB stands for? Simple- beta-hydroxybutyrate! BHB Keto Salts are made up of essential nutrients that help fuel the body and mind. Essentially, BHB is a ketone that serves as the primary source of energy that the body requires when in a state of ketosis.
Ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which your body produces ketone bodies from the stored fat and burns them for energy instead of carbs. This helps you rapidly lose weight. However, ketosis also reduces vitamins and minerals in the body. That is why the BHB Keto Salts are so important. Also commonly known as 3-hydroxybutyric acid, 3-hydroxybutyrate, or 3HB, the BHB Keto Salt supplement is loaded with magnesium, calcium, and sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate.

BHB Keto Salts provide the body with a direct and efficient fuel source to support mental and physical performance. †

Why BHB Keto Salts?

  • Support ketosis †
  • Helps fuel the body and mind †
  • Supports overall energy

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