Keto Tea


The BodEffects Keto Tea is comfort in a cup. It is a decaffeinated, flavorful drink that will warm up your insides and make you feel calm no matter what time of the day. The best part is that Keto Tea fits right into your keto lifestyle since it only contains three grams of carbs. Keto Tea can help you fight snacking between meals, prolong overnight fasts, help you feel energetic, and support your body’s ketone production. You can sip on the Keto Tea anywhere, anytime, as it comes in single-serve packets. All you need is 8 oz of hot or cold water and a cup. † The BodEffects Keto Tea contains three active ingredients, including MCTs, grass-fed butter, and collagen peptides. MCTS or medium-chain triglycerides are clean fats that are easily absorbed into the body and metabolized into ketones. Grass-fed butter is a source of unique fatty acids that help convert fat into fuel so that you can feel full longer. Lastly, collagen peptides are a source of protein. When converted into amino acids, they help build and restore vital protein and lean muscle in the body. †

Why Keto Tea?

  • Supports a low-carb keto lifestyle and ketone production †
  • Provides your mind and body with a boost of energy, without the caffeine †
  • Helps fight off cravings and hunger pangs so that you do not snack during the day †
  • Non-GMO, no artificial flavors or colors, keto-friendly, soy-free

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