Keto Kit


Product Info

We created the Keto Diet for those who want to see the most drastic results.  This diet is designed to support a low-carb, ketogenic lifestyle while helping to curb cravings between meals. †

How to Use

Step 1:

Start your day with our Keto Coffee. It tastes just like regular coffee, except that its loaded with Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), collagen peptides, and essential fatty acids to help curb cravings between meals while providing a surge of extra caffeine so that you feel energetic throughout the day. †

Step 2:

Take our Digestive Enzymes to help avoid upset stomach and the “keto flu” while your body is adjusting to ketogenic diet.  This supplement is formulated to support digestion and decrease bloating and while breaking down carbs, fats, and proteins. †

Step 3:

Take our BHB Keto Salts to help fuel the mind and body while supporting ketosis.  BHB is a ketone that serves as the primary source of energy that the body requires when in a state of ketosis. †

Step 4:

Use Keto Drops to help control appetite and curb cravings while supporting metabolism and fat burning. †

Step 5:

Take our Keto Burn to support metabolism and fat burning. †

Step 6:

The Keto Diet works best with our Keto and Keto Vegan Meal Plans.  So, choose your meal plan and your workout challenge…. And let’s go!

Want to boost your results?

Keto Shake is a delicious ketogenic drink that is specially formulated to help you satisfy your appetite while supporting ketosis. It provides your body with a boost of healthy fats and protein, so you don’t fall prey to junk food cravings and consuming empty, useless calories. †

Our Bedtime Weight Loss Formula is a powerful amino acid complex that supports fat burning and muscle development and works best when taken on an empty stomach before bed. †

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